Back to School!

Well for the eighth year I haven’t personally been going back to school but I know that some of you are and even if you aren’t that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some of these new gadgets and lifestyle pieces. Here’s what’s new for Back to School 2019!

Apple Airpods 2 - $269


Never have I had two devices that work together so seamlessly. Once you pair your Airpods to your iPhone you will never be able to use another pair of headphones. Apple’s newest iteration adds more talk-time, voice activated Siri access and a wireless charging case.

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Original Penguin Tiger Print Shirt - $109


Original Penguin Tiger Print Shirt - $109

Tropical shirts are so early 2018. Get yourself a tiger print shirt to stand out!

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New Balance 990 - $229


The New Balance 990 had been around for years but the newest iteration is being “Worn by Supermodels in London and Dads in Ohio”.  

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Club Monaco Slim Tropic Short-Sleeve - $99


Ok just one tropical shirt because this one from Club Monaco is too good to pass up!

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Lululemon Bowline Short - $88


This super versatile short can take you all through the long weekend and right into any day of the week. The elastic waistband makes the super comfy.

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Levi’s Classic Graphic Tee - $29


Classic Levi’s logo tee. You can’t go wrong with this bad boy.

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Nike Airmax React 270 - $195


The Nike Airmax React 270 fuses one of Nike’s oldest technologies in Air to their newest in React cushioning. I love the look of these sneakers and the pops of colour that can be found throughout.

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Apple MacBook Pro - from $1699


I used exactly one laptop through my entire university career, it was a MacBook Pro. I watched my classmates have to upgrade their laptops twice in first year! I had my 2007 MacBook Pro for 6 years which I think is a testament to the quality of the product.

Find it here.

Nintendo Switch - $399


If you’re a gamer and if you’re not a gamer you should pick up a Nintendo switch. Whether you reminisce of the days that you played Super Smash Brothers on your N64 or if you’re just looking to kill some time the Nintendo Switch is the console/handheld of choice.

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J.Crew Short-Sleeve Secret Wash Shirt - $86


Keeping with the short-sleeve prints for August and September this bright number from J.Crew will be sure to turn heads. It also stretches!

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