welcome to the posh man.

 Hey there ! My name is Brett and I started Instagramming my outfits a couple of years ago as a way to catalogue what I wore to work and to try not to repeat an outfit. Since then my wardrobe has grown substantially along with people's interest in what I wear every day. I don't come from a fashion background, I've never studied anything to do with fashion but have developed a passion for the subject.

 I truly believe that everyone should care about their appearance. Your clothing and styling are the first things people see when they meet you so you might as well make a statement. I don't have to wear a tie to work but I do because it's just another form of expression and it sets me apart from the rest. I would characterize my style as new classic. I don't like a ton of bells and whistles in my clothing, I prefer to wear patterns and fabrics that have been around for the past 50 years but update them with sneakers or some other modern twist.

I also believe that you don't need to wear $3,000 suits in order to look like you've spent a whole lot more on your outfit. If there is one piece of advise I would give it would be to always focus on fit. There is nothing worse than an expensive suit that has not been tailored properly so either find a good tailor or figure out which brands fit your body best.




There is no better way to make a first impression than by dressing well. Before you even open your mouth people will look at you and they will make a judgment. Make sure that the judgment they make is a favourable one.



Traveling the world is one of life's great gifts. I believe it is truly the best way to get to know yourself. Make sure you don't waste those precious vacation days on a "staycation" even if it's visiting another city 4 hours away, I believe you should constantly be exploring.