Lincoln Unveils the Aviator

Today the Lincoln Aviator takes it's inaugural flight at the New York Autoshow. Yesterday morning, in the meat packing district in New York City, Lincoln introduced the Aviator to a select few, today it's released to the world. The three row, rear wheel drive SUV is Lincoln's first vehicle to feature a plug-in hybrid option. Owner's of the beautiful new model will be able to use their phone as the key and will have the ability to start, unlock and open the truck all via the app. 

Lincoln Aviator 2.jpg
Lincoln Aviator 16.jpg

It's beautiful interior takes cues from it's larger brother, the Navigator, and looks absolutely striking. The minimalistic design aims to reduce clutter and offer the driver a soothing sanctuary to make that commute to the office that much more enjoyable. 

Lincoln Aviator 1.jpg

A twin-turbo engine can be paired with the new plug-in hybrid technology to provide Lincoln's smoothest, quietest and most powerful drive to date. It's a vehicle that i'm truly looking forward to driving as I believe it's the perfect size for those of us that extra space for dogs or kids but don't want to sacrifice power and style. Hopefully we'll see this SUV on the road soon!

Lincoln Aviator 11.jpg