Indochino - #YourCityYourSuitYourStyle Campaign

For my first ever blog post I want to throw it back to a month ago when I was approached by Indochino to style a fall suit in three different ways. Now I don't normally wear a full suit to work so this came pretty easy to me. I almost always wear a jacket with a different pair of pants or jeans.

I chose this flannel maroon colour, it's perfect for fall and makes me think of falling leaves and cooler days. I paired it with a black silk knit tie and a light grey gingham shirt. Pretty standard.

For the second look I add a pair of grey slacks that help the jacket really pop. I also switched the black silk knit for a chunkier silk knit with a solid white stripe ( I also traded my black cap toe shoes for a pair of Jack Purcells that I think are a great addition to any look. 

For the final look at threw on a pair of jeans and paired them with some comfy New Balance sneakers. New Balance sneakers can work with most suits and suit seperates as long as you keep the colour palette simple. I think that as long as you wear a tie and the rest of your outfit is on point that you can swap in sneakers quite easily.

If you have any questions regarding any of these looks feel free to leave a note in the comments section.