Summer Cocktails with Baron Samedi Rum and Apothic Wines

What's better than a cold drink on a sweltering hot day? Nothing, that's what. I've thrown together a few of my favourite drinks for those hot summer days, you know the ones where your shirt sticks to your back and you would rather dump the cold drink on your head. Let me know on IG or Snapchat (theposhman) which cocktail's your favourite. For the rum drinks i'm using Baron Samedi Rum, which is brand new to Canada. Hope you enjoy! 

Dark & Stormy Slushy



Ingredients and tasking notes

- 1 part Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

- 2 parts Jamaican Ginger beer

- 1 part Lime

- 1 part Simple Syrup

- 1 part Water

- Use a slushy machine for best results. If using a blender, omit most of the water.

Rum Punch

The Rum punch is one of my personal favs, takes me back to Montego Bay by the oceanside.


- 1 part Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

- 0.5 part Aperol

- 0.5 part Fresh Lemon Juice

- 0.5 part Honey Syrup (1:1 water to honey)

- 1 part Fresh Grapefruit Juice.

- 2 parts Lavender Tea*

- Dillon’s Absinthe to taste and garnish with grapefruit wheels

- Add all ingredients to a large vessel and serve chilled in small glasses with no ice.

*Lavender Tea: 2L water, 10g whole white pepper, 1g dried lavender, 2 orange pekoe tea bags. Brew tea,

add spices. Infuse in fridge for 3 hours. Fine strain.

Apothic Punch

If rum isn't your bag then try this Wine based punch made with Apothic Wine. 


- 1 bottle of Apothic Red

- 350mL of New Amsterdam Vodka

- 3 oz. lime juice

- 1⁄2 cup of cranberry juice

- Lemon + orange slices

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher over ice. Enjoy!