National Tartan Day with Dewar's 12

If you read my blog you know I enjoy Whisky. It pops up here and there on my gift guides and any other excuse I can drum up to talk about it :). April 6th is National Tartan day in Canada, and if there's one thing I love almost as much as Whisky, it's tartans and plaids. What better reason to buy yourself a new bottle of Whisky, than to celebrate National Tartan Day.

This time I'm pulling out Dewar's 12 to celebrate. Dewar's is the world's most awarded blended whisky, earning over 500 medals in international competition. Dewar's 12 is double aged for a smoother taste,  and this impeccable blend is the result of a time honored process. After blending the whiskies, they are then married in vintage oak casks and left to harmonize to perfection. 

For more information checkout the Dewar's Website here.

To purchase a bottle to celebrate with, check out the LCBO to find a location nearest to you.