Nescafe Coffee Taproom

I’m a two-coffees-a-day guy. Depending on my schedule, I usually make the first cup at home, and the other is on the run: either from my neighbourhood coffee shop or one of the big guys. Last week I spent time in a new coffee shop concept: the Nescafé Coffee Taproom at 499 Queens St W

The back wall has a ton of taps that dispense hot water to get your Nescafe going. Nescafe Sweet and Creamy comes in three different flavours that you can try: Original, French Vanilla and Mocha. All you have to do is add water and stir and you get the perfect cup every time. They've even got misspelled cups just like going to one of the chain coffee shops in Toronto. 

It’s a perfect mix of the comforts of home with the social aspect of a coffee shop – without the long lines or expensive drinks. I loved being my own barista and pouring myself my own Sweet & Creamy coffee which was mixed perfectly.  

Take a peek inside yourselves  and come down and check it out: The Taproom is open now until July 12th from 9am-7pm.