Make a Better G & T


If you see me out at a bar you'll either see a beer in my hand or a gin and tonic. The Gin and Tonic has long been my cocktail of choice. I like that it's not too sweet and can really vary in flavour depending on the ingredients used.

There are endless refreshing and delicious garnishes you can experiment with that can really alter the taste of your cocktail. This summer, I love making my cocktails with the new Tanqueray Malacca. Recently launched in Canada, Tanqueray Malacca has over 180 years of Heritage and is based on a recipe by Charles Tanqueray. It's exotic flavour comes from the use of peppercorn, rose and cloves to create a truly unique gin. Find it in your local liquor store and for inspiration and new ways to Tanqueray check out their Facebook page here.