You Need These Back to School Essentials

Though I may have graduated a couple... a few... ok maybe it was a little while ago I still get excited for those that are headed back to school. There was nothing better than that first day of school when you'd show off your new backpack or laptop or walkman (possibly dating myself). These are the must have essentials that I'd be rocking in the hallways if I were headed back to the University of Western Ontario.

Macbook Pro - $1,729


Back when I was in University everyone showed up in first year with a brand new laptop ready to start the semester. There were those who's laptop didn't make it through first semester because of viruses and other problems. There were those who's laptops didn't make it through first year for one reason or another and then there was my 15" Macbook pro that I had all the way through 4 years of University as well as three years post University. I loved my Macbook pro and still do. This new one has a couple more bells and whistles than the one I had. Including a retina display, quad-core processor and touch bar. Check it out here

Hunter Backpack - $180


What's better than a brand new backpack. This one from Hunter is rubberized so it will keep everything dry and it's got this awesome exploded print all over the bag that will be sure to turn heads.  Find it here.

New Balance 247 - $129 

247v2 - $129.99 (2).JPG

You gotta rock a fresh new pair of sneakers and this pair by New Balance is the most recent iteration of the 247 sneaker. It's sleek, comfy and goes with just about anything in your closet. Find it here. 

Levis Color Block Hoodie - $89

Colorblock Hoodie - Chinese Red Marshmallow Dress Blues - $89.95.png

This hoodie from Levi's screams 90's I love that. The colours are great and it'll be perfect for wearing while sleeping through your 9am Sociology lecture. Find it here

Samsung galaxy note 9 - $1,299


If you're eligible for upgrade you might as well get the latest and greatest. That being the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It's one of the biggest screens on the market and features one of the biggest batteries as well. If you're anything like me you constantly forget to purge pictures and with this bad boy you'll have enough storage that you won't need to. It comes in two sizes 128GB and 512GB and that's without using the expandable memory of the microSD slot. Find it here

vans Old skool sneakers - $80


You've seen them everywhere lately so why not pick up a fresh pair for the new year. Plus they are only $80 and super durable so you really can't go wrong. Pick up a pair here

timex mk1 steel chrono - $169


This timepiece is classic and goes with just about everything. It's a great price and an accessory you won't regret adding to the collection. Find it here