5 Ties Everyone Should Own

I get asked all the time how to build a wardrobe so I figured i'd start a series detailing my Top 5 pieces whether it's Ties, Jackets, Shoes etc. I'm going to give you my top 5 in order to help you build your wardrobe.

Navy Knit Tie.

This is by far the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. Seeing as about half of my shirts have a blue base, I could slap this bad boy on top of just about any of them and it would look great. The reason I pick knit ties over any other material is the texture. This is a theme that will continue throughout this post. Texture is so important and it will separate you from the crowd, and by the crowd I mean every other guy out there wearing a shiny silk tie...barf. So whenever you are reaching for a solid tie make sure it has some sort of texture, and make sure that it's not shiny!

Striped tie.

The striped tie is a classic, it screams preppy and I love it. The key to rocking the proper striped tie is to make sure that it has 3 colours or less on it (more colours make it much harder to pattern mix) and make sure it's not silk. Remember the motto "silk sucks"...except if it's silk knit, then you can use the motto "silk knit is super!". Keep the pattern size about medium because then it will look excellent with all those smaller print gingham and check shirts that you have.

Polka Dot Tie.

My personal favourite, there is just something about polka dots that I love. I think it's the fact that you really don't see a ton of guys rocking polka dots. Whether it's your socks, your tie, your pocket square polka dots always look great and they'll help you stand out. My favourite way to rock polka dots is once again with a knit tie. The texture from the knit paired with the polka dots will guarantee you more than a few compliments next time you decide to rock it. Keep it to about a medium pattern like the one above from OTAA so that it easily pairs with any patterned or solid shirt. 

Plaid Tie.

Plaid is another pattern that most people are scared to break out, but don't be scared plaid won't bite. It looks great over a gingham shirt or if you want to be extra spicy than put it right over top of a smaller plaid. The point is to have fun with it, if it looks good wear it.

Horizontal Striped Tie.

Another tie pattern that is very seldom used but always looks great. The horizontal stripe tie usually works best when it only has two colours. The more colours the harder to pair it with a patterned shirt. I also like to stick with the knit version because once again...texture. It's a reoccurring theme and something that is my number one recommendation when purchasing a tie. Not to mention that most knit ties are only about $25 so you get to look cool and also not spend a lot!