Not All Suits Are Created Equal.

Now let me preface this write up by saying i've worn a ton of suits. I've worked with just about every single major suit manufacturer out there, besides the luxury guys. The suit that I got from my friends at Suitsupply  is one of the best fitting suits I've ever worn. I'm usually pretty lucky because most suits fit me quite well right off the rack and this one from Suitsupply was pretty good but definitely needed a couple alterations. Let me tell you a bit about the experience.


I rolled up to the Suitsupply location in Yorkville (for those that don't know it's a neighbourhood in Toronto) and was greeted by some of the best looking mannequins I've ever seen, these guys were stylin! Now after wearing a ton of suits I'm always looking for new fabrics, patterns, styles etc. and Suitsupply had a crazy selection. From thicker wool suits to Italian Super 120s they had anything you could ask for. I ended up opting for a classic blue suit, it's super versatile and should be a staple in anyone's closet. I do know iIll be heading back for some of those other options though.


I met with Krista who helped me throw on my 40R jacket and 32/32 pants and it was off to the races. She was ready with the pins and chalk to nip and tuck in all the right places. We ended up tapering the pant leg as I like a slim pant and little to no break. We also took in the jacket a bit to give it a little more trim silhouette. All in all I think the alterations turned out perfectly. Like I mentioned I don't think I've ever had a suit fit me quite this well.  


The suit was ready the next day and the whole process was extremely painless. If you're in need of a suit, any suit whether it be formal, casual or whatever I'd highly recommend the folks at Suitsupply.