Things I Tried Last Month: Apple Watch

Apple watch is an interesting piece of technology. The first iteration was released in 2015 and it has quickly become the number one smart watch in the world. It was an accessory that I never felt I really needed... until I put it on. I'm going to be honest with you, after getting an Apple watch just over a month ago I have only put on an analog watch once. I feel kind of bad about it but the utility that Apple watch brings me has been a game changer.


I had worn a Fitbit for over two years on my right wrist with an analog watch always adorning my left wrist. For just over a month my right wrist has been bare and it feels so good. My Apple watch tracks just about every movement I make and keeps track of my heart rate so what would I need a Fitbit for? Apple watch is even waterproof so you can swim with it which is something I was told not to do with my Fitbit Alta. Though Rogers currently doesn't allow me to use the cellular capabilities of the Apple Watch (get with it Rogers!) I look forward to the day that I can actually send texts and make calls from my watch with my iPhone X residing elsewhere. 


My favourite part about watch is closing my rings. There are three rings to close everyday: Move, Exercise and Stand. Move wants you to burn at least 630 calories a day, Exercise motivates you to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and Stand urges you to stand up at least once for 2 minutes per hour for 12 hours a day. The hardest to complete is definitely Move, I usually close Stand and Exercise but don't alway Move enough according to my Apple Watch. I'll have to work on that.


All in all I would recommend Apple watch to anyone. Whether you're an athlete or just someone that is trying to keep better track of their health then Apple watch is for you. I even wear it playing hockey, and I'm a goalie! If you have any questions regarding Watch let me know on Instagram or Twitter by direct messaging me @theposhman.