Your New Favourite Headphones - Jabra Elite Active 65t

The Jabra Active 65t Headphones

The Jabra Active 65t Headphones


If there's one thing I hate most about wireless headphones it's looking like a sleazy sales guy with Bluetooth headsets in each ear. But listen up (get it?): the new Jabra Elite Active 65t is the most normal-looking pair of wireless headphones I've seen. These headphones fit right into your ear without hanging out like the other competitors' models. Jabra offers three different sized ear tips so you are sure to find a pair that offer you a snug and comfortable experience. Aesthetics aside, the Jabra set offers a ton of other benefits that those other guys aren't providing. 

Out of the box you get the two earbuds, a charging carrying case and a micro-USB cable to recharge the case. Again, these earbuds and case are sleek and stealthy looking (which I love)! They were originally released in April but the latest iteration added the "Active" moniker and with that you get a sweat-proof unit that is strong enough for the gym, a run or anything else you can throw at it. Perfectly ideal for me as I no longer need two sets of headphones. I can use this one pair for both the gym and for my day-to-day activities. 


These headphones are also noise cancelling which is a feature that most wireless headphones haven't caught up to yet. I literally hear nothing outside the headphones until I tap the right earbud twice which enables the "HearThrough" transparency mode to bring in ambient sound. AMAZING.

This set has basically ironed out all the wrinkles of the competitors' sets. Needless to say, the sound quality is excellent, good highs and good lows making sure your favourite Nickelback album comes in crystal clear (seriously I'm a big fan of Chad). 

Oh ya, I forgot to mention battery life. It's great, the earbuds themselves last 5 hours with the case giving you 3 full charges on top because there's nothing worse than getting to the gym only to realize your headphones are dead.

The $215 price tag makes them an investment but a long-term one with the 2-year warranty, above and beyond for any piece of technology that has this many features. For more info and to purchase your own Jabra Elite Active 65t, check out Best Buy