Why Should You Care About Flyleather?


Flyleather is Nike's new super material made of at least 50% recycled natural leather fiber and water power. It looks and feels just like real premium leather but uses 90% less water and reduces the carbon foot print by 80%. This is incredibly important as companies need to do more to reduce our carbon emissions given the impact that climate change is having on our planet. It also diverts waste from landfill which is another huge problem with the fashion industry. I for one am super excited to see how this new material revolutionizes the footwear industry, 

"The earth is the athlete’s biggest playground, so one of our greatest opportunities is to create breakthrough products while protecting our planet,” says Hannah Jones, Nike Chief Sustainability Officer and VP of the Innovation Accelerator. 


The first shoe that will feature this new tech will be the Nike Flyleather Tennis Classic and currently is only available in the US. Stay tuned as i'm sure we'll see more Nike products utilizing this revolutionary new material.